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Flower Power with Elderflower Fritters

By May, nature is flourishing, and time for feasts of flowers including elderflower – sweet, delicious and beautiful; easy to spot and fun to make into perfect fritters. Cut flower clusters, leaving a short stalk and spread out on a tray lined with a paper towel. Set aside whilst making the batter – this allows any wee beasties to escape! Shake the towel in the garden where they can find a new home.
Make batter with 1 egg, 100g flour, 1tsp baking powder and whisk together with sufficient birchwater from Birken Tree to make a smooth quite runny batter – you should be able to shake excess batter off the flowers.
Carefully heat Summer Harvest oil in a frying pan – about 1 cm deep. The temperature is correct when you add a drop of batter and it rises, sizzling. When ready, hold each flower head by the stalk and dip in the batter, shaking off excess. Shallow fry sprays of flowers for a couple of minutes or so until flowers are golden brown and batter is all set. Drain on kitchen paper. When serving, leave the stalks as handles, drizzle with a little blossom honey and eat immediately, leaving the stalks behind. Mmm…that’s flower power!

My Granny’s Cloutie Dumpling

A wonderful fruity pudding traditional to Scotland, boiled in a ‘clout’ or cloth. Delicious with whipped cream or home made custard. This is my grandmother’s recipe, over 100 years old.