42 day dry-aged beef from Macbeths

It has been a wee while since we have had some but delighted to say we have some of 42 Day Dry Aged Beef available.  This beef is from our own Highland Shorthorn cattle born and reared at Edinvale. We have the following cuts available:

6 Week Hung Rump Steak
£5.09 – £10.18
6 Week Hung Sirloin Steak
£7.64 – £15.28
6 Week Hung Carvery Rump Steak

Edinvale Farm – Highland Shorthorn Beef

PASTURE FOR LIFE – We are delighted to have recently received certification for our farm from the Pasture for Life Association. This recognises that we feed our cattle solely on Grass and mixed forage for the entirety of their lives leading to healthier more nutrient dense beef.

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