A good time to read a great book: Skara by Andrew Appleby

Novelist and archaeologist, I first met Andrew through his wonderful pottery as he is also a skilled ceramist aka The Harray Potter on Mainland Orkney. Anyone who has visited our home will have seen many of his mugs, bowls and plates in constant use! Andrew’s books are a great read: set in Neolithic times with folk you care about as you live their lives and adventures. Here is what Andrew has to say and follow the link for a special offer for you….

‘I’m passionate about Orkney and its Golden Neolithic era. Our exceptional monuments and artefacts here have, since the 1970s, inspired me to write a massive work set here in this period. The characters are human and loveable, yet some evil and treacherous. I show them as contemporary people at the forefront of their technologies. Their lives are woven around nature, their legendary ancestors, loves and jealousies. Their cuisine is  A M A Z I N G !

To help in these new times of stress and isolation, it is good to read. I am also helping to reduce costs for you. I will knock off £2.00 from each book, this being part of UK the postage. The set of three books will now be £37.99. Read and enjoy ‘Skara’ The first three books will amaze you.

So, do go to www.skarabooks.com and shop. Maybe for a friend who’s remaining at home: Perhaps to cheer a neighbour, or just a jolly good gift. With all good reading wishes, Andrew.

‘Skara the Fourth Wave’ will be out soon. Pre-order £9.99. I have just had the proofs in the post this lunchtime. 

The beautiful cover by Artist and fellow Prehistoric Potter, John Martin, is such a fine depiction of just a little of the book’s action.