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An Award for East Coast Cured

Our high-achieving ‘favourite child’, the porcini & truffle salami, has added another wee award to its collection! Thanks @guildoffinefood! If you haven’t tried it yet, we’ve added plenty to this evenings online shop restock. Happy shopping!

“Rich brown saucisson, with firm texture and pronounced truffle aromas, black pepper and high notes of sweet cured pork… with a generous proportion of meat to fat. Excellent texture: tender with a satisfying chew and bursting with well-balanced flavours. Full-flavoured porcini mushrooms mix with truffle oil and an appealing sharpness from the curing. Well balanced blend of herbs and spices. A gourmet treat par excellence.”

A thick, compressed Salami with good fat content throughout. A lovely porky garlic aroma with a hint of parmesan. The texture is firm but softens quickly in the mouth releasing a beautifully soft and chewy meat flavoured with garlic and white wine which then continues giving the softest flavouring of white truffle. Really delicious with the longest flavours just offering more. Very well-balanced – not too much garlic or truffle, allowing the scottish pork to really come through.

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