Announcement from Blackaddie Hotel

To all our loyal and new and future customers

It is with immense regret that we have to announce that are now closed to all business until we are allowed to re-open whenever that may be. So for all those with bookings with us we will contact you each individually.

We would like to think that you will all return at some point in the future once everything has settled down and we would be more than happy to issue you with a voucher for any deposit you have paid. If you would rather have your deposit returned we will endeavour to do this over the coming weeks but it may take us some time. 

If you would be prepared to leave your deposits with us we will be more than happy to issue you with a credit voucher to the value of your deposit plus 25% extra from us for use on a future date for your loyalty and support.

We also have no intention of letting any staff go, and will retain their jobs and income as long as we are able. Ian & Jane