Cairn O’Mhor offers home deliveries

With all of our nearest and dearest pubs staying closed at the moment, You can still enjoy a pint at home, with our home delivery service.
Our bag in box ciders are on offer: 5 litres of Vintage & Meadowsweet ciders are reduced to just £11, £12 for our mixed fruity cider. 
And if 5 litres isn’t enough, the big anes are reduced too. 20 litres of meadowsweet cider for just £33, only 85p per pint!. Vintage for £35, only 90p per pint!, and £48 for mixed fruit cider. Some have less than two months best before date, hence the insanely low prices.

Free delivery on all orders over £40 with code march40, enter it when you checkout. (Just one 20 litre box and a bottle of wine gets you over the mark, handy that.) Thanks to all of our customers who are helping us keep going during the lock down, either by ordering online or by supporting your local shop. I’m happy to see everyone sharing their posts of them enjoying their bottles safely at home, keep the post coming folks!