Contini Kitchen Garden Herbs

Hello lovely people.  New menu released and extended.  You can now order these menus over the next two weeks so you can plan ahead.  

Place your order the day before and in the morning we’ll harvest a stunning selection of herbs from our Kitchen Garden.  You can use in the kitchen or as a herbal arrangement to decorate your dining table.  Fragrant and beautiful. Lovage, Rosemary, Apple mint, Sage, Fennel, Bronze Fennel, Goldtip Oregano, Thyme May be in you lucky pick. £8

Our home delivery and telephone for collection order service.

Delicious fresh dishes prepared daily for you to enjoy at home plus exciting larder ingredients, our Italian vegetable & fruit bag or box, wine, beer and more. 

Choose from five different menus priced at £24-£32 per person. Or, you can create your own menu using our fresh starter, main and dessert selection.  In addition we have a great selection of our favourite wine and beer to complement your meal. Boun appetito!