Contini updates & Contini at Home continues

So the 15th of July is our liberation date.  Finally a little good news.  Nonna Gertrude texted me within 2 minutes of the announcement. At 93 she’s the biggest lockdown rebel in the family.  She’s more desperate to get out; get to the hairdresser, the book club, meet her pals for coffee and lunch than my teenagers!  Go Nonna G! Tomorrow we see our neighbouring shops on George Street opening their doors. 
We’re working on a slow and steady reopening. 

Opening Contini George Street is the first step closer (get it) to serving you in our restaurants.  We’ve got some very exciting new additions for the mothership that we’ll share next week.  You’ll love it!  All I’m going to say is classy glassy!   


We’re taking small steady steps but you’re supplying the energy and enthusiasm to keep us going.  We’ll share news on our other beautiful venues when we can.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, we can’t say thank you enough! 

Keep well and keep safe

Carina & Victor and all the team at Contini