Dominique Piron & Dining @ Whighams

We can now accommodate parties of up to 10 (from 4 households) indoors.
We will also be changing our opening hours on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be open until midnight.

Whilst booking is no longer required we would encourage it so as to avoid disappointment.
We are currently working on updating the online system to the new arrangements so if you can’t wait to reserve your table just give us a ring on 0131 225 8674.

We will still be operating with social distancing measures and track and trace so don’t forget your mask.
We think we have created a balance of a safe and clean environment, but also a fun atmosphere so that you can still come to Whighams to enjoy great seafood, wonderful wines with family and friends.   

As the sun shines, don’t forget about our outside seating. We have 10 tables up for grabs. Pop along or call us to book a table. 

You can book for up to 6 people online. If you would like to book for 7 or more, please call us on 01312258674.
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This week we are introducing Dominque Piron wines and the Gamay grape. Perfect red wine for the hotter weather we are experiencing at the minute. The Gamay grape is derived from Pinot Noir, so it is typically light bodied and fruity. Not like the Beaujolais Nouveau, the Piron range are given the time to mature, they spend a little time in oak to balance the fruity flavours and add a touch of finesse and elegance. 

At Piron the practice of bio-diversity is used at very possible level. Planting grass, herbs and shrubs to to maintain the environmental flora and fauna.

‘ We believe that the answer to many of the so-called problems in agriculture is simply through the balance of nature, and common sense in our work every day’.
Beaujolais Les Cardoles – £11.95
Ripe cherry fruits, beautifully balanced with good acidity and length, complex throughout.

Morgan La Chanaise – £16.25
Racy & elegant with black cherry notes with star anise & nutmeg spice, velvety smooth tannins. The specialists in Morgan. Great with grilled meats & cheese.

Fleurie – £18.95
The queen of Beaujolais. The top Cru offers  a luscious, fruit-filled, seductively silky wine. Full of rounded cherries & blackberries. Outstanding wine.
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This and many more offers…and dining of course…at Whighams

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