Are you bored of Easter eggs or does chocolate turn you off? Then try Demijohn’s Egg Box of Delights, which is a grown-up way to say Happy Easter to someone you love.

For a quirky Easter treat, the easily compostable free cardboard duck egg box, which is slightly bigger than a hen’s egg box, is bursting with six miniature 40ml Apotheker bottles, filled to the brim with homemade artisan spirits such as Seville Orange Gin, Morello Cherry Brandy, Chocolate and Coffee Cream Liqueur, oils or vinegars.

Starting at just £23, the new range includes 4 gift set varieties, including a set of 6 Gins, a set of 6 Liqueurs, a set of 6 Oils & Vinegars and Connoisseurs set, so there is something for everyone. They make a lovely present for friends and family during the Easter holidays. Crafty friends will love having the bottles to re-use and they are a great way to take a small amount of dressing elegantly to a spring picnic.

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