Elderflower is awesome from Demijohn

If elderflower is for you, then you might share in our excitement that our annual harvest is complete.

The harvest allows us to make more of our unique and popular Elderflower Vinegar. This versatile flavoured vinegar can create an Elderflower Vinaigrette, be baked into an Elderflower Cake or even mixed into our Lemon Weegie cocktail.

~ How to make an Elderflower Vodka Cooler ~

The sun came back out this week, so we invented a new Summer cocktail for you to try, The Elderflower Vodka Cooler. I even made another film in our garden for you, just to show how brilliantly easy it is to make.

Using our smooth Elderflower Vodka Liqueur 28% and our zesty Lime Vodka Liqueur 24%, this deliciously refreshing long drink is perfect for a BBQ on a hot Summers day.

The ingredients can be purchased easily as our new Elderflower Vodka Cooler Cocktail Gift Set, one of our many Cocktail Gift Sets.

Back in Stock

Great news, after nearly a month of waiting, our hugely popular 3 Year Old Cask Aged Dark Rum 54% is now back in stock. In addition we have more of our velvety Spiced Rum Liqueur 20% and award winning Sloe Gin 22%. If you have had to wait patiently for these delightful things, thankyou, the pain is over!

Have fun experimenting with our new Elderflower Vodka Cooler, and let’s hope the sun keeps shining!

Picking the crop of elderflower has been more challenging this year than most. Lockdown has meant we were unable to mobilise our Demijohn Staff, so instead I mobilised our family and we picked at home on our farm in South West Scotland. Lucky them!

Our annual elderflower pick has been happening since 2006, and has become somewhat of story in itself. So I finally wrote some words for you to better understand what happens behind the scenes. If you have time, please read our latest blog, A Short Story of Elderflower Picking.