Hardiesmill Farm Shop – Lucky Borders Folk!!

Our brand new pop-up farm shop is officially open 😀. For those missing Kelso Farmers’ Market, we’ve a good range of the produce available there in stock: fresh local vegetables, artisan bread, tomatoes, bacon, haggis and, of course, Hardiesmill steaks. We’re on the Hume, Mellerstain road, 5 miles (8km) north of Kelso. TD3 6LQ. www.hardiesmill.co.uk. Hope you can come and have a wee look?

We thought we met and knew most of our fellow food producers in this part of Scotland, having been involved with, and helped run, Kelso Farmers Market for 12 years+ now. However opening our pop -up farm shop has introduced us to more fantastic flavours from the vicinity, and we’re in foodie heaven 😆!There’s wonderful fresh bread from Firebrick, all made from scratch this morning, (& now on sale at the Hardiesmill pop-up farm shop), kale, lettuce and Oooft chilli sauce from Gordon. This is building up to one serious lunchtime sandwich 🤩!

Show-casing local food (so big on flavour), as well as our own Hardiesmill Beef & Tombuie Smokehouse labels.

Open 10.00-6.00pm Thurs & Fri, & Sat 09.30-15.00hrs. www.hardiesmill.co.uk

This new farm shop is the home to Hardiesmill Native Bred Aberdeen Angus on Slow Food Ark of Taste AND world famous on the STEAK Revolution movie so pop in and stock up…or if it’s new to you, change your view of steaks for life and treat yourself!

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