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It’s Sourdough September so be ready with your Scotland The Bread Flour & get baking bread!

It’s #SourdoughSeptember! Join our annual, international celebration by buying genuine sourdough bread from a local Real Bread bakery or by baking your own.

Scotland The Bread

The collaborative project to grow better grain and bake better bread with the common purposes of nourishment, sustainability and food sovereignty offers you a unique range of heritage flours grown organically in Fife.

Also visit the Real Bread Campaign website to find:

Places to buy sourdough and more from Real Bread bakeries
Details of The Sourdough Loaf Mark scheme
Exclusive, limited-edition design ‘flour water salt time’ t-shirt and apron
A simple sourdough starter guide and other free recipes
More information about sourdough and sourfaux
Why and how to join the Real Bread Campaign

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