John Davidsons Butchers update

Wow..! Well that’s been the strangest couple of months since our last email. It’s taken till now to actually get a moment to send an update email. So, kicking off I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support during these difficult times.
We have gained so many new customers throughout the UK and I thank you for your messages and emails of support and gratitude, they are a joy to read and help keep the team spirits up as we work harder than ever to get through this.

What’s going on…
At last!.. our retail premises opened last week with stringent distancing rules in place for the safety of us all.
Mail order is really busy with orders flying out all over the UK on a daily basis. Our local deliveries are flat out too, delivering to those who need us most with our non contact delivery service and with the Barbecue Season coming early it’s all becoming a bit of a blur.
Short Ribs, always popular but last few months they’ve been flying out and to be honest, it’s no wonder..
Just look at them!!

All hand selected Angus and Hereford beef, trimmed by our team to make sure they’re as we like them, with plenty of meat. With weight ranges from 1 to 3Kg you just need to decide how hungry you’re going to be, my recommendation is to Go LARGE! Take me to the Shorties..

So much to choose from you must visit the website…

If you like what you see here, get over to for a proper look about. We try to put as much on the website as we can but if you don’t see what you want or if there’s something you’d like us to source then drop us a quick email and we’ll see what we can do.
Email us here!