Late season tatties for autumn growers from The Potato House

We are delighted to have some late-season potatoes for you to grow this autumn.  
🥔Casablanca – Good for all uses from boiling and chipping to mash and roasting. First Early, Smooth
🥔Ambo – Resistance to late blight on tubers. Popular with growers for its good blight and scab resistance the plant produces a high yield of floury potatoes which can be boiled or baked.  Early Main Crop, Floury
🥔Maris Peer – A medium-sized potato with good disease resistance which can be grown easily in a shady spot in the garden or container. In the kitchen cooks like its versatility of being good boiled and eaten hot or cold or even cooked as wedges. Second Early, Waxy
🥔Sarpo Una – Multipurpose variety which can produce nice waxy salad potatoes if harvested early or can be left in the ground for a heavy crop of baking potatoes. It has good resistance to late blight as well as a range of other diseases. Second early, Smooth
Can’t decide?  Try our pack with all 4
Perhpas you can’t choose, or perhaps you would like to experiment. We have this patio pack with all the varieties for you.  Each pack comes with nets of 3 tubers of each variety – 12 tubers in total and the bags are optional extras. 
We are renowned for our vast organic range.  Many gardeners and allotment growers like organic varieties as they know that they will be resistant to many diseases as an additional bonus.  Our late season varieties are all organic this year. 
We still have some regular stock left. 
Our end of season sale continues. If you spend £15, you will get 20% discount on all 6 tuber and 1kg nets as well as grow bags and patio sets.  This excludes late-season varieties (although if they are in the basket, the total goes towards the £15) 

To see what we have in stock, we have an IN STOCK FILTER 
Code SPRING2022‍
Also remember that we have gift cards – you can give someone with a summer birthday a head start for 2023 season!

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