L’escargot pour vous…♥️

Hello tout le monde
I hope you are all well and have enjoyed, or are looking forward to some holiday time. There have been no holidays for us so far. I will be 50 soon, and I have been told I am being taken away, but I have no idea where!
I had a very productive (and late) Saturday and all-day Sunday at Newton garden, planting lots of lettuces, chicory, more beetroot, gherkins and cucumbers. I lifted some potatoes, cleaned some growing boxes to make room, transplanted Swiss chard and golden and yellow turnips, and planted broccoli in the cage for next spring. I also seeded lots and lots of lamb lettuces and red and white spring onions, as well as rocket and all sorts of mustards leaves for the winter supply.

You lucky people will enjoy some real vegetables again this week with mixed beetroot in the beetroot salad, spring cabbages with the pork, red cabbages with the venison, and parsley, red and green basil and new potatoes in the salad Niçoise. There are all kind of lettuces as well, with red turnip tops, courgettes, beans and carrots in the mixed vegetables. Is that enough?! You are spoiled with quality, healthy veg straight from an organic garden. This year is my fifth summer growing at Newton garden and I’m so happy to see so many vegetable gardens flourishing in Scotland, both domestic and professional.

On to the menu! This week sees the return of the seafood platter and fresh langoustines. Fresh-off-the-boat from Skye, I know this will make for happy costumers (as lots of you have asked). The crab on the platter also comes from the same boat from Skye, and the deadline for ordering both is today at 4 o’clock so we can let the skipper know what we need. Don’t delay if you are tempted! Keep scrolling for a chance to WIN a seafood platter and a bottle of chardonnay 🦐
We also have a delicious bit of roe deer venison from the Tweed Valley, cooked in a red wine casserole, and a fabulous beef pie using our own puff pastry. There’s also a wonderful trio of salted pork cuts including smoked Toulouse sausages, made by us. The great pork meat comes from The Brand Family farm in East Lothian, and the spring cabbages that accompany the dish are grown by moi 😁 Rabbit remains on the menu this week – you just can’t get enough of it (it sold out quickly last week). For dessert, there’s an elegant tarte fine aux pommes for two, and the classic crème caramel makes a reappearance.

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