Loch Arthur Farmshop News

Gift vouchers seem to be pretty popular just now and it’s very easy for us to organise this if you call 01387 259 669 (Option 1). We can take a card payment over the phone and keep a voucher here for your Dad to pick up, or we can put it in the post.

Dear friends, due mainly to a newly formed relationship with Doves Farm Organic Flour Mill, (and several others as well) we are pleased to be able to offer a plentiful supply of a wide variety of different flours.… white, brown, plain, strong, self raising, gluten-free, stoneground, rye, buckwheat (to mention but a few).
 All very well, provided we can keep pace with refilling the shelf as fast as the flour flies off it and makes its way home to fulfil the ever–growing “knead”!
Happy baking! Barry

If you’re looking for a cheese selection you can order on line through our website

This week we are expecting Broccoli Tenderstem, broadbeans and strawberries from the UK, plus the first of the Spanish plums.

Each Friday afternoon Mary & Eric set up the Meric Fish Van in the Loch Arthur Farm Shop car park from 1pm to 4pm. There is always a fabulous selection of fresh fish, smoked fish and seafood and if you’re looking for something special it’s a good idea to phone Mary in advance to place an order…. 07767 407 814.
This week there will be brill fillets and new season herring (plain and in gluten free oatmeal).
There are also a couple of amazing deals available this week, with a limited stock so get in there quick… 
4 haddock fillets for £12
2 haddock, 2 sea bass, 2 salmon, 4 herring and 2 boneless kippers for £23. 

MILK – We keep about 30 dairy short horn cattle at Loch Arthur Farm, producing enough milk to make our award winning Farmhouse cheese, cream cheese and yogurt. The remaining milk is pasteurised but not homogenised, leaving it rich, creamy and full of flavour. We keep enough milk to supply the 70 people who live in the Loch Arthur Community and the remainder is available for sale at the farm shop. Do please bring your own containers for a refill or purchase a new 1L glass bottle from us.


If you come into the farm shop this week you’ll have the opportunity to taste two fabulous Scottish cheeses made by Errington’s in Lanarkshire. These are just two of the 30+ cheeses we have available in our deli counter.

Errington’s original Lanark Blue cheese is made from unpasteurised ewes’ milk from a flock of Lacaune ewes, with a vegetarian rennet. The spring cheese, matured for 6 weeks, is fresh and sweet with the blue veins providing a light blue flavour.

Corra Linn is a hard ewes’ milk cheese made with unpasteurised milk and traditional lambs rennet. It has a characteristic nutty flavour with sweet notes. Once pressed overnight it is rubbed with locally grown and refined rapeseed oil and wrapped in traditional muslin cheese cloth and matured for 4 months to a year.