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Looking to the future with Blackthorn Salt

Sitting meekly beside the enormous wall of thorns is the #blackthorn carriage: from its humble beginnings, this 1880s GNER passenger coach became the #Hendricks horseless carriage of curiosity and is now our much loved Blackthorn HQ. A painstaking refurb – incl. local craftsmen, organic materials, recycled pallets, our cosy the wee Esse, vintage cutlery, you name it- means this carriage now echoes its past again: its beautiful information panels separate the space exactly as the old carriage booths would have been.

But we value versatility too, so we are able to remove the panels and can host larger numbers, with pop up tables and benches… Will it be visitor information, will it be conference and business hub, or will it be salty days and foodie nights- who knows? Co-vid has yet to allow, but we are looking forward to the next era of this wonderful Victorian work of art and in the meantime we have welcomed smaller numbers of visitors here and have loved the informal Salt Sessions that ensued…

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