Dine-at-home options from The Chip

The Nasi Goreng box is now available to order for the 19th of June! You can choose our classic prawn and bacon or vegan option! Head to www.stravaiginshop.co.uk to see what else we have…

Fancy a Scottish Seafood Smorgasbord? Now available to order from The Chip’s Shop!⠀

Need to stock up for lockdown? Why not browse our drinks list and create the perfect custom case, from our big bold reds to elegant crisp whites.
Or choose one of our set wine cases such as our ‘Date Night for Two’, ‘Easy Drinking’ and ‘Sip back and Relax’.⠀

Order by 5pm on Thursday for Click and Collect on Saturday. Click the link in the bio or visit www.ubiquitouschipshop.co.uk

Also Pop down to @ubiquitous_chip Wee Shop for freshly picked vegetables, groceries as well as coffees to takeaway, wine and beers – out the window by the looks of it!!