News from Harray Potter

Here on Orkney we have all around us the Viking Sea! Our surrounding oceans have never been a barrier. They have always been our roads and paths across the currents, with the winds and surf. Our Norse ancestors wove a rich history here. The strong Viking traditions still prevail. The recently instigated St Magnus Way is a testament to their changing history and culture at the forefront of their civilisation. We live in similarly paradigm-shifting times, having to accept upturns in all our expectations.
But let me relieve you of some of the torment. Here’s the Harray Potter’s Viking Sea range, which illustrates the Ocean Roads perfectly. The blue waves over a surf coloured glaze, emulate the challenging marine environment that the Vikings ruled over. Regard… Here we have a large teapot, soup bowls, dessert/breakfast dishes with Sigrid’s home-baked biscuits. Round hygge, cuddly mugs and business-like straight mugs. A milk jug and a sweet nightlight for the latter hours.
If you want to join hands with Orkney, Scandinavia and our changing histories, you can find these fine items on our website: . Go to “Shop Online” and click on the Viking Sea range.
Below, if you wanted a souvenir, a memory, something to hold from Orkney, here’s an Orkney mug at £17.95 and a dish at £12.50. These items aren’t on my website, however, you can email me with a request on  Your custom will really help in this awkward epoch.
Keep well and with all good wishes, Andrew, the real Harray Potter.

Also a gifted writer what better time to read Andrew’s best seller Skara, also available through his website… and I LOVE his Viking Sea Range!