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 The salad is here
We were very late getting started this year but this week has seen the end of the kale and leeks and the start of the salad.. 
The butter is back
Someone can explain why famers have had to pour milk down the drain while we can’t get butter for the shop..
Talking chocolate…
Montezuma have sent us a stash of new chocolate buttons.  Just saying..
But we are also back to basics
Pasta’s back, tins are back, rice is back, flour is back, plenty of eggs; and the UK veg is starting to kick in after the hungry gap.  Just don’t ask for broccoli.. something to do with the French Bank Holiday apparently.

Where’s the (organic 100% grass fed Whitmuir) beef?
Hanging in Robert’s chill.  He’ll be in at 7 on Monday morning to cut your orders.

The website for orders

stay safe. From Heather and Pete at the farm

Go visit it now

We were behind with sowing on the farm this year but the new salads should be available in May.  The broccoli, tomatoes, beans, courgettes and cucumber will just have to catch up.  

Delivery and minimum order changes
Up until last week, the home delivery has been a nice additional bit of our offer.  The key offer was always coming to the farm, going to the cafe, having a walk, visiting the other businesses here. 
Last week the whole operation had to be online.  When you deliver online all of your costs go up – driver, mileage, packing, boxes, management of sales and refund etc.  Once we had a chance to look at the numbers, we had no choice but to put up the delivery charge and the minimum order. 

So the delivery charge is now £4 and the minimum order is now £20.  This is the only way to keep the show on the road.  So shop now!