Whitmuir Organics update (Mar 30th)

Dear Farm Supporters
We should be able to turn the online shop back on today. 
The tech team at Marketspan have been working all weekend to create a way for me to manage the numbers of orders per day – so we don’t have to turn the whole thing off when we can’t cope!  I am so sorry this has been tricky – it sounds simple but it’s actually really complicated and our wee system can’t be as smart as the systems the big guys have.  So sorry and here’s hoping it will work.

The real Farm Shop is closed to the public but we will continue to do deliveries on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Sunday as a back up.  We have added post codes to some of the runs to give us more capacity.  We will try and meet your preferred day, but may have to reschedule you – we will let you know as soon as we do.

Delivery and minimum order changes
Up until last week, the home delivery has been a nice additional bit of our offer.  The key offer was always coming to the farm, going to the cafe, having a walk, visiting the other businesses here. 
Last week the whole operation had to be online.  When you deliver online all of your costs go up – driver, mileage, packing, boxes, management of sales and refund etc.  Once we had a chance to look at the numbers, we had no choice but to put up the delivery charge and the minimum order. 

So the delivery charge is now £4 and the minimum order is now £20.  This is the only way to keep the show on the road.  So shop now! https://www.whitmuir.scot