Pasture for Life Beef Boxes

Subscription Boxes Available

Following the exciting news that we have gained Pasture for Life Certification, we are now releasing Subscription Boxes so that you can guarantee a regular supply of this delicious and supremely healthy beef delivered to your door as regularly as you want it.

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Since we announced the news that we had gained certification, we have had a lot of enquiries and more demand for our beef.  As it takes quite a while to produce this beef (the best things come to those who wait apparently) we need to plan our farm activity quite carefully. Knowing how much you are going to need forms part of that planning.
We want our subscriptions to be very flexible so with these subscription boxes you can:Cancel any time (although we hope you wont want to)Change to a different pack (which you might want to as we introduce more packs) Change how often you receive them.Basically you can control it so that it works for you.
Got an idea for a box?
Then drop us a line with the sort of cuts you would like to see in a box and we can see if it will work.  As a thank you we will send you a wee presie! You can email us at

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