Sarti at Home

If you live in Ayrshire, we have a little good news – Sarti @ Home will be delivering tomorrow (Wed 6th Jan)! All of our pasta sauces & part-baked pizzas are suitable for freezing, so your weekend-treat could be sorted!

If you’re looking to gently spice up January, why not try our famous Arrabiata pasta sauce? It’s a great comination of tomato, onion & just the right amount of 🌶, and it’s also suitable for vegetarians. Just boil your favourite pasta, gently heat the sauce & buon appetito!

Next delivery date for G, PA, ML & FK postcodes is Wed 6th January.

You can check out the full range of freshly-made pasta sauces at They’re all suitable for freezing, so why not stock up for some simple, tasty dinners?

Quick reminder of what’s available through Sarti @ Home below. If you’re trying to avoid the supermarkets, it’s well worth checking out the groceries!

✅ freshly made pasta sauces (simply reheat at home)
✅ thin crust pizzas (part-baked & only need 4 mins in the oven)
✅ meal deals for 2 + 4 people
✅ antipasti + nibbles
✅ delicious desserts
✅ italian wine, prosecco & beer
✅ loads of italian groceries

You can order online at

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