September Cheese Update from the Ethical Dairy

We have lots of cheese nicely maturing in our cheese store, so while there’s a few gaps in the stock we have currently available to buy, we will be adding more stock regularly in the weeks ahead. 

There is one new addition to the cheese shop, and it’s another smoked cheese. You might have noticed that we’ve been sending different types of cheese to our local smokehouse to see which we like best. Recently it’s been the turn of Skinny Gold, one of the cheeses made from our winter lower fat milk. When it’s young Skinny Gold is a fairly light, creamy cheese, but as this batch has been maturing it’s developed a much stronger flavour, and we thought it could handle some smokiness. So, we are pleased to introduce Smoked Gold, available now while stocks last.
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“We are very pleased to be shortlisted for a VIBES Outstanding Achievement award, particularly this year at a time when agriculture is being rightfully challenged on its environmental track record. 

“Our focus is proving that farming can be an important part of the climate solution. Working with nature in grass-based farming systems can help to lock carbon into the soil and build biodiversity, and it’s really important that Scotland recognises the positive environmental impact that pasture-based food production has.

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