Simply Herdwick has fresh stocks in

We picked up fresh Hogget and Mutton on Friday and we have put it straight in the freezer to keep it fresh for our customers.

We have:

* Mutton chops
* Mutton leg mini roasts
* 1 large rolled shoulder joint
* Mutton mince

*****please note our mutton is limited and first come first served*****


* Valentine steaks
* Neck fillet
* Rack of Hogget
* Small rolled shoulder
* Leg mini roasts (limited)
* Shoulder with bone in
* Loin fillet
* Mince
* Salt and pepper burgers
* Garlic and rosemary Sausages
* Lamb curry sausages
* Meatballs (and lots of them 😋)

All will be delivered frozen and order quick while stocks last….those meatballs don’t hang about for long!

There is still time to order before Christmas! Last orders taken on the 30th of November!

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