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A free jar of our delicious Raspberry Jam with orders by June 17th

Subscriber Free Gift – Welcome to our June newsletter – this month’s offer to subscribers is a free 110g jar of organic Raspberry Jam with all orders placed by June 17th. Just write “Newsletter” in the delivery comments when you checkout, and we’ll include the jar with your order. 

Organic herbs onlineThe first of our organic herb plants are available on our website, www.huntlyherbs.co.uk , with more being added as the season progresses. Most of our herbs are hardy perennials, which do well in our herb garden at 850 feet above sea level in Aberdeenshire – and most of them have survived temperatures as low as -15c over the last couple of years. There are a few exceptions, but check the details on our website to see which of the herbs might be a little more tender.

“What’s so good about handmade & artisan?” If you have any interest in food, drink, crafts, jewellery or even cosmetics, you will no doubt have heard hundreds of producers boasting about their handmade products and small-scale methods. The terms “artisan” and “small-batch” have almost become clichés along with the claim that the business owner is “passionate” about the production of sandwiches/facecream/lampshades.

Huntly Herbs is no different – check our website and you will see our descriptions of small-scale, handmade, small batch jams and chutneys.
Enjoy the sunshine when it comes and best wishes from us all at Huntly Herbs

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