Summer Updates from East Neuk Seaweed

Hello to the Seaweed Converts and Curious, Summer is my busiest time as low tides are more accessible and the weather is not quite as baltic. So far, I have been busy with my ‘On The Rocks’ workshops and working with Greener Kirkcaldy on their community food project and keeping busy with many events and collaborations!

My upcoming summer workshops are still available but filling quickly, so book soon. If you want a bespoke workshop, get in touch on
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I also visited Strathallan School in Perthshire to share more for World Oceans Day on lungs of the ocean and Seaweeds importance to the world with Years 1 to 4 which was organised by Sodexo. They discovered that:

– Britain’s kelp forests provide habitats for sea creatures and protect the land from erosion

– The ocean produces more oxygen than trees on land

– Seaweed is a sustainable and healthy food option, being low in sodium despite its salty taste

And they challenged me with some probing questions! So great to share with the younger generations.

I was incredibly honoured to be photographed for an exhibition Our Seas has curated. For the past year, Our Seas #OurSeas – The sea belongs to all of us

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