Tamworth & Oxford Sandy Black Rare Breed Pork from Macbeths

We are very lucky to have some pigs from Matt Green on the Isle of Colonsay. These pigs live outside all their lives with access to large areas of forage. They are used to clear areas of bracken, brambles and other invasive species on the croft.

The pigs are also used to clear to in bye fields for reseeding. The fields are reseeded with herbal leys and green manures which are allowed to flower to provide pollen for the bees and seed to provide food for the birds.

The pigs are used as a part of a regenerative rotational system that focuses on improving soil health and biodiversity on the croft. These pigs are slow grown with constant access to unchlorinated water from the hill and are fed a regular supplementary diet of seaweed from the shore.

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