The Dairy Story by Wilma & David Finlay

A Dairy Story‘ is the full, no holds barred, story of the transformation of our farm. We’ve often described what we do here and how it’s different from conventional farming. Until now we haven’t told the full story of why.

The book is a memoir, which means it’s also the story of us; our motivations and our hopes for the future. It’s more than a dairy story, it’s our story.

Now that we’ve written it, we want to get it out as quickly as possible. So, rather than tout it round publishers with all the delays that would involve, we’ve decided to crack on and self-publish it.

Four years ago 592 people helped us put the final pieces of our cow-with-calf dairy system in place by contributing to a crowdfunding campaign. We loved the way the platform gave us an opportunity to speak directly with people who were genuinely interested in what we are trying to achieve. So a return to Crowdfunder seemed like the right approach for this project. DO support this crowdfunder – you will love their book on so many levels.

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