Thule Ventus have teamed up with top Shetland Fishmongers, Blydoit Fish Ltd to bring you the finest fresh seafood

In these days of Covid restrictions, we are doing what we can to help bring you quality fresh seafood, without you needing to leave home.

We have linked up with Blydoit Fish, to sell their fresh and smoked fish online.

You’ll forgive us if the website doesn’t quite look the part just yet, but this is something that we are working on, and we are really keen to get you the best fish, as soon as we can!

Click here to find all our fresh fish, alongside our award winning salt fish.

The postage and packing is £15.49 on the fresh fish – regardless of order size. Why so expensive? Well, we are using recyclable packaging and virgin sheep’s wool insulation, with lots of ice packs to keep your fish fresh and cool. Plus, we are using Parcelforce 24 service – which isn’t the cheapest, but is much more reliable than most.

Thule Ventus salt cod makes delicious fish pies and David also makes an excellent pate so do log on and be inspired…

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Many of our sales to retailers have dried up, so, our online sales are more important than ever. Therefore, if you like our product, please tell your friends about our online service. Help spread the word, it would really help us.

Tune in! James Martin – Islands to Highlands

We’ve had a mention on James Martins Saturday Kitchen and we are looking forward to being on his new show, Islands to Highlands,  currently on ITV1 at 2pm weekdays. We think we are due to be on the show on Friday 1st May.