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Time to get those turkey orders in at Whitmuir!

We aren’t rearing our own this year but have sourced some happy, free range and organic turkeys from Northumberland. (Northumberland Free Range Poultry) Here’s a wee bit of info on how they are raised:

“Arriving on the 24th of June nearly six months before Christmas , they are grown slowly in a natural habitat. They have free range access to grass and woodland for foraging, which gives them a stress free life making for a happy , plump and tasty bird.”

Now then, down to the serious business of size. A good rule of thumb is to order approximately 500g per person. So a 2kg turkey will feed 4 and a 8kg turkey will feed 16. (on a side note, here’s hoping we can all see our friends and family this Christmas!)

Prices vary depending on the size of bird but they will be approximately £18.00/kg, so that’s £72 for a 4kg turkey, enough to feed 8 people. Of course, this is more expensive than a non-organic turkey, but these guys have been happy and well looked after and not only is this so very important, but it comes through in the flavour and quality of the meat.

We will be doing a turkey deposit of £25 per bird, which can be paid over the phone or by direct debit.

Right then, who fancies a turkey? Let us know by email, with the size you would prefer and we’ll get them in. (

Don’t forget you can also buy all sorts; vegetable and fruit boxes, individually priced veggies and fruit, wine and beer, bickies and chocolate, everyday essentials, cleaning and pampering products and so much more both online and in the shop. All organic of course! We also have a large range of vegetarian and vegan delights. Come and have a look – Shop

The shop is now open weekly, Tuesday to Friday from 10am-4pm and we are hoping to open regularly at the weekends soon.

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