Whitmuir Latest Steps

We are still trying to work out whether we re-open the shop and if we do it will be at weekends to start with.  Meantime, we are just trying to focus on the home deliveries and keep everything going. 

Online shop 
The online shop is open.  Deadline for orders now 9am two days before the delivery day – so 9am Monday for Wednesday, etc.  Please check out Andrew Whitley’s new flour – 3 kilo and 1.5 kilo bags – and enjoy a wee film about Scotland the Bread here

Glad that some of you are managing to get some holiday and grateful to all of you for your valued custom.  We are so lucky to have so many very good customers.  The farm is open if you would like a walk – just don’t bother that black cow with the very definite horns and flighty calf!