Whitmuir News for You

Home Deliveries 
Now that things are more back to normal, the website is also back to normal – please visit www.whitmuir.scot to put in your order over the weekend if possible.  The absolute deadline is 9am the day before your delivery day, but earlier really helps us because of Roberts:
(a) Robert the butcher is only in on the Monday – so we can’t do bespoke cuts later in the week, and 
(b) Robert the delivery driver is on holiday – visiting his lovely new grand daughter now restrictions have eased.  Andy will be covering for Robert on Wednesday and Thursday – so getting the lists to him early will help him plan the route.

Beef and Chicken
This is the last week for Whitmuir beef for quite some time, so if you want some, please get in your order by Monday!  We may have lamb for the week after. 
We always have very limited supplies of chicken, which is why I hardly ever put them online.   Next week we will fresh chicken as well as this week’s chicken and chicken pieces frozen.  Again if you would like chicken, please buy it now and let me know if you would be happy with a frozen one from this week.   We will give you 10% off the frozen chicken.

Quercus and JunkshopAntiques
We have no immediate plans to reopen the shop – but Quercus Garden Plant Nursery and JunkshopAntiques are both now open and you are welcome to wander round the farm.