Stekt Sill – Fried Herring
Stekt Sill – Fried Herring
  1. Crush juniper berries fairly finely and blend into softened butter along with the marjoram.
  2. Place fillets on a flat surface, skin side down and spread generously with spiced butter. Place sandwich pairs together, skin side outwards.
  3. Using a sharp cook’s knife, divide each pair into 3 or 4 segments.
  4. Egg and crumb each portion and set aside. When all are ready, heat oil and pan fry, turning carefully after 5 minutes when the underside is toasted and crispy in order to cook the remaining side. At this point they can be served hot with new potatoes and lingonsylt (lingonberry) for a wonderful meal…or…
  5. Allow to cool then place in a bowl, scatter over onion and cover with vinegar. These too are served with hot boiled potatoes and lingonsylt but the herring remains cold and is served with a drizzle of its vinegar.
Recipe Notes

It is important with these herring recipes that the vinegar is a craft vinegar and not a malt vinegar used for chips! The flavours are important and integral to the dish.

recipe, photo & styling: wendy barrie