Scottish Food Guide Charter

Scottish Food Guide is committed to supporting family businesses and upholding the principles of high quality food, sustainably produced and skilfully cooked. Scottish Food Guide takes great care to ensure that its Members are champions of this philosophy.

We only select establishments for the guide that are amongst the best of their kind, show genuine commitment to fresh Scottish produce and offer a level of service appropriate to their style of operation.   

Places to Eat

  • Have seasonal menus
  • Grow or source produce from artisan producers
  • Collaborate with appropriate local food producers
  • Cook with enthusiasm and passion for their customers
  • Cook from scratch with the minimum of ultra-processed products
  • Value the provenance of their ingredients, sustainably sourced



  • Champion ethical food production
  • Use traditional methods to create artisan products
  • Support the principles of sustainable agriculture
  • Growing crops, use minimum pesticides
  • Rearing ruminants, use a predominantly pasture fed diet, supplemented with homegrown legumes etc.
  • Raising pigs, produce outdoor-reared pork.

If you too believe in our charter then join the growing number of people and businesses who want to be part of this movement.  

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