Roll Up Roll Up for the Scottish Bread Championship & Scottish Festival of Real Bread

Happy New Year to you all. It’s time to consider your entries for the Scottish Bread Championship – you knead to complete your entry forms by Monday 12th February. The Scottish Bread Championship will be held at Bowhouse and, building on last year’s event, we have fine-tuned and developed aspects of both the Championship and the Festival and we hope you will come along to one or other or both and enjoy the whole experience.

Judging takes place on Friday 23rdFebruary at Bowhouse and The Championship Results will be announced on Saturday 24th February at the Scottish Festival of Real Bread, also at Bowhouse. Please note change of date to the Friday for judging. This allows those who wish to, to arrange an overnight stay in Fife, join an informal gathering on Friday evening and participate in the Festival the following day.

Regards the Championship, the categories remain the same as last year however there are a couple of changes on the form filling (link below) so do look out for that. Entrants will now have the opportunity to participate on a pop-up stall if they would like to, selling their loaves at the Festival. There will also be central Scotland collection points for bread entries on Championship day for those not wishing to drive out to the East Neuk. More details on both will be sent out to participants in due course.

The Festival programme is shaping up to be very exciting this year and will be published soon when timings are confirmed. There will be favourites from last year plus more stalls, workshops, meet the bakers, talks and shows, all making it a grand day out. We shall post on social media and various websites as soon as the last pieces of the programme jigsaw are in place.

So if you enjoy baking real bread, whether as a hobby or a professional baker, you are welcome to enter and the criteria is available to download along with the form on the link below. If you would rather eat than bake or are interested in learning more about healthy delicious loaves, do come along to the Festival and join in.



We are delighted the Championship currently receives sponsorship from The Edinburgh Bakers Trust. a registered charity (SC047164) whose purpose is the advancement of baking education, arts, heritage, culture and science. Their core activity is to award small grants to bakers and other related organisations.

Scotland The Bread Scottish Food Guide are also main sponsors. The Scottish Bread Championship was co-founded by Andrew Whitley (Scotland The Bread) & Wendy Barrie (Scottish Food Guide) in 2017. Our grateful thanks to our friends, families and colleagues who give their time and enthusiasm to help us on the days. They do this on a purely voluntary basis and we really appreciate it.

[Title photo credit Chris Young, Real Bread Campaign]

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