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Wishing You Good Health & Happiness

In the words of the song, All I Want for Christmas is. what? Probably an end to this perpetual pandemic would be top of all our lists but then perhaps we diverge and our priorities differ. Good health and positivity
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A Mini Orkney Saga

Someone once told me a good blog should be 300 words – well I’ve blown that today however I hope you enjoy our travels as much as we did and feel inspired to visit our fabulous Scottish isles in 2022!
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Food Sovereignty

There is much talk of food sovereignty, shortages, poverty, power and progressor the lack of it. Which direction will it take? Well that depends on who you listen to! There are so many mixed messages out there. Climate & COP26
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Scottish Food News

It’s been a busy spell at Scottish Food Guide HQ and we’re itching to visit places again although also aware many establishments need to take advantage of every staycationer wallet in the meantime so we shall hold off a little
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Balancing the Beef

Beef, climate and COP26 are fast becoming the talk o’ the steamie . Already a defining news feature of the decade the topic is heating up as the temperature rises but along the way so many nuances are lost. Headlines grab generic
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Crusty Sourdoughs & Seasonal Conversations

Last week the Scottish Bread Championship was held in the new Members’ Pavilion at Ingliston. For as long as I can remember, June is synonymous with the Royal Highland Show and for over twenty years I’ve been involved in their
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From Island to Plate: North Ronaldsay Mutton, Scotland’s First Presidium

Never was there a hardier wee breed than the North Ronaldsay sheep! One of the oldest sheep breeds in Northern Europe and among the most rare in the world, this iconic flock thrives on the island shoreline, hence their sobriquet
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Tales from the Seashore

As we emerge from lockdown we shall be able to travel the highways and byways again, visiting fabulous members, friends and familymaking up for lost time. But I think all of us, to some extent, have made discoveries over this
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Scottish Food Guide Charter goes Live!

To see Scottish Food Guide Charter please click here With a career in food and food tourism spanning over thirty years, certain things really stick in my craw! One such morsel is the ubiquitous use of ‘local’ food when there
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Shopping: A Breath of Fresh Air & the Whiff of the Food!

We grow vegetables in our little kitchen garden but we are also most definitely thankful for our local farm shops! Currently our lives consist of collecting a dairy order and vegetables, our freezer keeping our spirits up with a good
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Shipping, Shopping & Spoots!

This morning brings a new layer of chaos as we approach Christmas. What will historians write in years to come? What will I be writing in weeks to come? I am going to stick with food systems and families today.
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Local, Local, Local!

When seeking property, location location location is drilled into us. Now, in our new world, it is local being similarly touted. Of course there are those of us who have followed this mantra all their lives but we also know it is
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