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I wonder if there is any producer in Scotland that Wendy has not visited? Wendy is so enthusiastic about Scotland's food heritage and larder, she doesn't miss a bit, her advice and ongoing work as well as involvement is second to none, I doubt we can find anyone else with so much knowledge and knowhow regarding food in our adoptive country. Thank you for all your work Wendy, it is priceless.

Scottish Food Guide is Wendy Barrie’s ethical and independent award-winning guide to the best places to eat, our finest produce and food experiences; offering quality assurance – professionally inspected and personally recommended.

Wendy is a highly respected campaigner for local sustainable food production. A Slow Food Cooks Alliance Member, Thistle Regional Ambassador, food writer and popular presenter at live events and online experiences, Wendy provides expertise in food tourism, education and festivals.

Scottish Food Guide endorses and supports ethical artisan produce and the chefs whose menus follow these principles: championing our food producers, celebrating our rural landscape and promoting the health benefits for ourselves and for our planet.

For every enterprise recommended, there are many that are declined entry.

Scottish Food Guide’s raison d’être is to showcase, support and promote excellent food and drink enterprises across Scotland so we require that each entry be amongst the best of its kind, show genuine commitment to fresh Scottish produce and offer a level of service/experience appropriate to its style of operation.

Scottish Food Guide is independently run with no assistance, financial or otherwise, from public bodies or banner advertising. Furthermore, all purchases and sales generated or facilitated by the Guide are entirely commission free.

All recommendations are carefully selected as a result of rigorous research and a visit as appropriate, with dining frequently unannounced.

We take the greatest care to ensure that establishments we feature in the guide are regularly visited to ensure that the standards we aspire to are upheld.

Wendy also writes a popular food blog & her latest book, co-written with her husband Bosse, “Meadows: The Swedish Farmer & The Scottish Cook” is out now. Order your copy here.

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