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Seafood Gratin

We are blessed with fabulous seafood, so whether haddock, fresh or smoked, fishmonger’s fish pie mix or luxury scallops for a special occasion – all are equally delicious. Vegetable gratins also work beautifully with courgettes, cauliflower or even Brussels sprouts! If using vegetables, steam before placing in the ovenware dish instead of poaching in milk.

I know of no commercial crumbs that get our vote! Breadcrumbs are easy to make in a mortar and pestle and you can simultaneously rid yourself of the frustrations in life! It takes a matter of moments and the difference in flavour is outstanding. Store in an airtight jar for months and use as required.

Porridge – as you like it!

Porridge has so many variations: in our house, I like mine with salt and Bosse likes his with muscovado sugar! Others like to add berries or honey…anything goes! Whatever the topping, for us, cream is essential and if you’re on holiday on Islay, a wee dram is mandatory too! Here we are at Glenegedale.

There is also a choice of oats: rolled oats for a quick result; medium oatmeal flour for a smooth result, and, our favourite, pinhead oatmeal for a slightly nutty textured result. Every family has their own method so here’s ours!

Whatever your preference porridge makes a very healthy start to the day.

My Granny’s Cloutie Dumpling

A wonderful fruity pudding traditional to Scotland, boiled in a ‘clout’ or cloth. Delicious with whipped cream or home made custard. This is my grandmother’s recipe, over 100 years old.