Scottish Food Guide Charter goes Live!

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With a career in food and food tourism spanning over thirty years, certain things really stick in my craw! One such morsel is the ubiquitous use of ‘local’ food when there is no reference to quality. A laudable adjective hijacked, tagged to all and sundry and even implied on fake farm labels along with ‘traditional recipe!’ To coin another gem from the Scot’s tongue, such folk would be getting their jotters if I had any say! Enough is enough!

Scottish Food Guide Members, on the other hand, produce, prepare and present food with passion. They are genuine and transparent, worthy of great praise and recognition and the champions of food tourism, so let’s proclaim it and nail our colours firmly to the mast! The Scottish Food Guide Charter is intended to do just that, and stand for excellence in Food Tourism.

Slow Food Scania enjoying lunch at Sheila Fleet Kirk Gallery & Cafe in 2019

At Scottish Food Guide we offer something unique. For consumers, where else would you find such ethical credentials regarding food production, flavours, hospitality and sustainability? Meanwhile Members receive a bespoke service at minimum cost; Members I am truly happy to endorse and showcase for those seeking the best produce and places to eat, based on comprehensive and personal knowledge of all Members, carefully selected as a result of rigorous research.

To see Scottish Food Guide Charter please click here

Life goes on for us all with a further two months of pretty much the same but we all need to eat, so let’s take pleasure in good food and look forward to better – and warmer – days to come. Since our last newsletter I have ‘teamed’ with Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, ‘zoomed’ with Royal Highland Show, attended the virtual Cross Party Food Group, ‘skyped’ with family, phoned and emailed friends and colleagues. Meanwhile Bosse has also had online meetings with Slow Food Scania and the Linderöd pig genebank in Sweden. We would be sorry souls if reliant on smoke signals and carrier pigeons! In our spare moments we continue with our book that will hopefully be on sale later this year. More about that another day.

Linderöd pigs in genebank in Sweden

Thanks to couriers, this month we have dined on venison from Carmichael Estate and Winston Churchill, Hebridean hogget from Ardoch, Ethical Beef from Hardiesmill and treated ourselves to a Contini special featuring Peelham Produce . With artisan cheese, fresh fish and charcuterie available on our doorstep, we are well nourished if very frustrated at not being able to visit Members. We continue to do all we can, so Members, do stay in touch…and readers, do keep supporting these fabulous producers and chefs. They so appreciate it.

Shetland lamb three ways, chez nous

Last but not least, if you too would like to Say No to GMO, it is not too late to let your views be heard. Click on the link to read all about the latest in gene editing.

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