Bowlful of Shellfish

Bowlful of Shellfish
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Bowlful of Shellfish
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  1. To prepare shellfish, rinse under running cold water, pulling away the fibrous beards on each shell. All shells should be closed – if it doesn’t start closing with a tap, discard it.
  2. Place the chive butter in a pan (with steamer) on a medium high heat and add the bivalves. Shoogle the pan as it starts to heat up and when the butter has melted and starts to sizzle, add the glass of cider and season.
  3. Place steamer on top with langoustines and seal with lid immediately. This all takes only 5minutes to cook.
  4. Meanwhile add a drizzle of oil to a hot frying pan and sauté scallops on a high heat for 2minutes per side. Turn off heat. Add dill butter and swirl in the pan to melt and glaze. Remove from heat.
  5. To serve: lift steamer from pan, tip langoustines into pan and add a swirl of cream to the bivalves before decanting into a warmed bowl. Top with scallops.
  6. Serve with good crusty bread to mop up the juices and finger bowls for fishy fingers!
  7. Discard any bivalves mussels/clams that remain closed.
  8. If you don’t have a steamer, a metal sieve works pretty well too as a substitute!
Recipe Notes

My shellfish were from HS Murray, Inverkeithing

We have fabulous sea salts here in Scotland from Blackthorn, Isle of Skye & East Neuk


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