Janet Henderson’s Vegetarian Haggis

Janet Henderson’s Vegetarian Haggis
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Janet Henderson’s Vegetarian Haggis
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  1. Sauté garlic with onion in a little oil until the vegetable is soft, adding the garam masala, soy/tamari and season.
  2. Add the brown lentils and carrot and simmer on a low heat until the lentils are soft, stirring to prevent the mixture sticking. If the mixture starts to dry out too much, add a small amount of vegetable stock or water.
  3. Add mushrooms and allow to soften. Add kidney beans with vegan spread and stir. Heat through.
  4. Add rinsed drained oatmeal to the mixture and combine. The oatmeal should retain its texture to give body to the haggis.
  5. Blend well into the mix and cook through for about 10-15 minutes.
  6. Serve with clapshot - mashed potato and neeps (turnips).
Recipe Notes

"This is a recipe that my Grandmother Janet first made on her East Lothian farm in the 1960's. She had a passion for organic, local, vegetarian and vegan food and took a keen interest in early exponents of healthy eating." Barrie Henderson, grandson of Janet Henderson, founder of  Hendersons of Edinburgh 1962-2020.

HOT OFF THE PRESS - July 6th 2021 - Barrie Henderson is opening Hendersons - Eat Better Live Better near Bruntsfield this September. 'I am really excited that this plan is now becoming reality and that soon we will be able to welcome you back into Hendersons.' https://www.instagram.com/hendersonseatbetter/

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For an easy & delicious whisky sauce to accompany this recipe, follow the link... https://scottishfoodguide.com/recipe/haggis-rumbledethumps-with-whisky-sauce/

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