Perfect on its own, as part of a nutritious packed lunch or with a wedge of creamy blue cheese. Like most baking it freezes well so I double this recipe, make slabs in large Swiss roll tins and cut in fingers. You can bake in a loaf tin if you prefer but cook for longer.

Christmas Mince Pies

300 years ago, a mince pie would have been a huge dish called “Christmas pye” composed of “ox tongue, chicken, eggs, sugar, raisins, lemon and orange peel, and spices.” Over the years, the pies grew smaller and the meat content reduced, until they became a sweet mixture of suet, spices and dried fruit that had been steeped in brandy. This filling was put into little pastry cases that were covered with pastry lids and then baked in an oven – today’s mince pie. It is said that when the mixture is stirred clockwise, you can make a wish for the coming year.

Ost Bröd

A delicious Swedish bread using Slow Food Ark of Taste ingredients

St Andrews Cheese Straws

St Andrews Cheese Straws Print Recipe St Andrews Cheese Straws Print Recipe Ingredients 100 g St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar grated – SF Ark of Taste 1/4 tsp Isle of Skye Sea Salt SF Ark of Taste 225 g plain flour 150 g cold butter 2 tsps lemon juice 6 tblsps Cold water (Approx) Servings: Instructions […]