Shipping, Shopping & Spoots!

This morning brings a new layer of chaos as we approach Christmas. What will historians write in years to come? What will I be writing in weeks to come? I am going to stick with food systems and families today. Don’t get me wrong: I am delighted to buy an Amalfi lemon or Västerbotten cheese, […]

Local, Local, Local!

When seeking property, location location location is drilled into us. Now, in our new world, it is local being similarly touted. Of course there are those of us who have followed this mantra all their lives but we also know it is not that simple. What about nearby logistic hubs some businesses dare to count as ‘local […]

Re-launched website for Scottish Food Guide & Women in Tourism Award

Women in Tourism Award I was absolutely delighted to receive some super news this week – the results of a public campaign to find the Top 100 Women In Tourism were published and I’m thrilled to share that along with another 99 lassies I am one of the 2020 award winners including SFG members Carina Contini  […]

Terra Madre 2020 brings you the World of Food

Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre may not be happening in the usual way in Torino this year but no pandemic was ever going to stop the course of true food and Terra Madre has emerged as an online extended event, reaching out across the world to engage with not only its members […]

Open All Hours!

We emerge, traveling hopefully, optimistically; realistically acknowledging the world is different but forging on. Such is the hospitality industry. Right? Many of our friends have worked harder than they ever thought possible and my respect runs forever deep. Many have changed their modus operandi: adapting, transforming, resolutely re-emerging and I salute them. Some have had […]

Lead the way…and learn lessons for Mother Earth

I could rant about the recent litter-strewn beaches and countryside, the unmentionable trash and the resulting injured animals, or nurse my wrath at the handful of vandals who have even invaded kitchen gardens this week…but I won’t. It is a new dawn, a new day, a new week and Scotland, fingers crossed, is taking careful […]

Food Politics

Food has never been more political. Well, perhaps an exaggeration when I think of the Irish potato famine and the French revolution…but nevertheless food is definitely headlining right now. Brexit (remember that?) has raised its head with the Agriculture Bill and its amendment to ban imports of low standard food defeated. A blow below the belt […]

Moose, Marmalade and other Musings….

Week 4 of #lockdown and where are we now? Some rushed off their feet through rapidly changing circumstances; others in impossible situations and trying to remain sane. We all have our different coping mechanisms: diving into activities or deep cleaning, gardening or baking…and of course many of you are home schooling too. Thankfully that is […]

Let’s Stay in Touch

Dear friends, fellow foodies and all those in hospitality business, an extended and diverse family indeed. Words cannot express the situation that most of us are in right now – at least not repeatable words! And whilst we are naturally worried for friends and family, personal health and harsh economics, we are also overwhelmed by […]

Looking back, and forward to 2020

Some of us are fortunate to take a wee pause just now, gather our thoughts and reflect with friends and family. Others are still on a rollercoaster of guests and hospitality, food orders, even milking! Our thoughts are with you all: those pausing now will no doubt be manic later and those in festive maelstrom? […]

New Seasonal Offers Page on Scottish Food Guide & Slow Food in the UK Awards

Our latest addition to Scottish Food Guide is the Seasonal Offers link. Many Members offer wonderful seasonal offers and after Members’ feedback we thought what better way to highlight their seasonal news than on a home page link, refreshed weekly so always up to the minute to enjoy! Check out festive dining, gift inspirations and, […]

Edible Scotland with Slow Food Scania

When asked to organise food travel for a group of Slow Food Swedes the challenge is always to compress the exceptional into a manageable and affordable format: a task we enjoy as we love sharing Scotland’s finest with folk who appreciate it. So with every train, boat and plane timetable checked and costed; menus discussed, […]


I count myself lucky indeed that the interests and pursuits I am most passionate about happen also to be how I earn my living: Good food, where to find it and what to do with it is my stock in trade. When this involves enthusing folk in the most essential of life skills, eating well, […]

Happy Memories from Royal Highland Show 2019

Thanks to one and all! Hard to believe it’s over for another year and what an amazing time we had – thanks to chefs, cooks, students and RHASS…plus a fabulous spouse or two lending a hand and of course all our wonderful audiences! This year, had RHS still been travelling our Nation as in the […]

This Week is Showtime! See you there!

…with Scotland’s Royal Highland Show starting on Thursday. 190K visitors can’t be wrong! For months June has been marked on calendars on fridge doors and desktops: cheesemakers and gelateria honing their skills for their Dairy Championships and bakers nurturing sourdough starters for the Scottish Bread Championships whilst elsewhere in the showground beekeepers polish their honey […]

Bread & Cheese – where would we be without them!

The yellowhammer has a characteristic song with an “A little bit of bread and no cheese” rhythm. I remain to be convinced however I am certain the world would be a poorer place without bread and cheese! We hosted another of our popular Cheese Lovers courses at Scottish Food Studio the other day and had a […]

Westering Home…and eating like Kings!

Home for us is Fife however in my line of work exploring Scotland is both a joy and a privilege. I am fortunate to be able to combine my love of geography, food and culture to explore our country’s nooks and crannies. And so it was we headed for Islay, known across the world for […]

What a Week it Was! Holyrood Insights.

When given the opportunity to have a Member Sponsored Exhibition, thanks to the support of Annabelle Ewing MSP, I enthusiastically accepted then the planning commenced! The Heritage Foods of Alba Exhibition at The Scottish Parliament ran from March 5th– 7thin the Members’ Lobby, the perfect place to be. This was to be the ideal opportunity to showcase Scotland’s rare […]

Tattie Time Today!

In a world of international cuisine, noodles and nachos, rice and cornmeal, it is refreshing to see a celebration of potatoes! Travel to Germany and their food markets have stalls solely specialising in potatoes. Switzerland and the Nordic countries also appreciate their tubers – indeed many of their seed potatoes originate from Scotland, such is […]

Heritage Foods of Alba

Wendy Barrie, Scottish Food Guide, will be presenting The Heritage Foods of Alba Exhibition at The Scottish Parliament on March 5th– 7th inclusive. This Member Sponsored Exhibition is thanks to the support of AnnabelleEwing MSP and will take place in the Members’ Lobby this week. Scotland is blessed with a unique range of amazing and rare foods […]

The Sap is Rising!

After last year’s beast from the east one can never be sure, but our crocus bulbs think spring is near and among Perthshire’s birch trees the sap will surely rise soon.  Taking a walk through beautiful woodland is one of the joys in life – and most definitely hygge. There are birch, oak, ash and pine […]

Goodfoodology – Our Learning Zone

I am a firm believer in you are what you eat: the importance of sustainable healthy food and the enjoyment of cooking. I have long been a supporter of education, education, education. Whether it is cooking in schools or adult learning, the reality is that every day’s a school day! An increasing number of Scottish Food Guide […]

London Calling

Personally speaking, my travels to London are sufficiently infrequent to still be fun! My earliest memory is of going to ‘see the sights’ in the 60’s (when still in early primary years I hasten to add!) with my parents driving down in a lemon coloured mini. I believe we ‘did’ Tussauds et al but my […]

From Offaly Good Pud in Scotland to Cracking Kidneys in Berlin!!

Black pudding has long been a staple of the full Scottish breakfast but did you know how it began? Back in the days before trains, cattle were brought from the hills down to market in Central Scotland, even as far as London, on the hoof. Those who guided the cattle en route were Drovers, many […]

Delightful Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway is a stunning part of Scotland and oft overlooked in favour of Nessie or Glen Coe. Yet for those in the know it has scenery, history, nature and great food in spades! The remarkably mild climate and moist breezes have created a landscape famous for its beef and dairy cattle, creating lush […]

Wendy Barrie wins Thistle Regional Ambassador Award, Central, Fife & Tayside 2018/19

The Scottish Thistle Awards Regional Finals for the Central, Fife  & Tayside, and Lothian & Borders took place at Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh on Thursday. These are recognised as Scotland’s top awards for the tourism industry and offer the opportunity to recognise those people who have made valuable contributions to the sector across the country. […]

A Vote for Good Food!

Food is emotive. Food is political. Food is convivial. Food brings back fond memories of holidays, family, celebrations. Yet sadly food can also have negative connotations: horsemeat scandal, factory chickens, intensively reared pigs, cattle feedlots and a general malaise in terms of a fractured food system. As folk become increasingly distanced from the rural economy, […]

The Wonders of Shetland

It was a pleasure and delight to visit Shetland again for their Taste of Shetland celebrations. OK so you need sea legs or a flight to get there but what an adventure and a warm welcome awaits you. Our journey was compliments of Northlink for which we thank them most sincerely. The service aboard was […]

Taste of Shetland

Whether it is its proximity to Scandinavia or the friendly folk; the breathtaking views or the abundance of amazing produce, both Orkney and Shetland are fantastic places to visit and now our sights turn to Shetland as it is time for Taste of Shetland, the annual celebration of their produce. Not that one needs an excuse […]

Orkney Adventures – Part 2

The Lynnfield Hotel is a wonderful place for foodies to hang their hat whilst visiting all these fabulous islands and produce. Not many folks can boast a distillery for a neighbour but The Lynnfield can with Highland Park on its doorstep! Elements of distilling, Orkney craftsmanship and heritage food production are reflected in the dining room […]