Fragrant Hemp Seed & Cherry Slice

This wonderfully #hygge combo of roasted hemp seeds, mint, lavender and rose petals, serve not only as a relaxing enjoyable infusion but also adding extra nuances to your favourite sponge.

Chanterelle Soufflé Omelette

A forest walk provided our first late summer chanterelles. As I brushed each one with my clean paintbrush, kept in a drawer for such occasions, I pondered on what to cook and decided on this omelette. Yes that would do nicely so here is my version for two.

Scottish organic split pea curry by Catherine Le May @ Greencity

Greencity recently started sourcing Scottish split peas from the fully Organic Medlock family farm in Aberdeenshire. Freshly harvested in autumn, they’re rich in fibre and protein and full of vitamins and minerals, making a fantastic low-food-miles base for all sorts of dishes.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

You can even watch me making this online

Pesto Swirls

Wild garlic or ramsons as also known can be found in woodland from April, its green leaves scented of garlic. Take care to select leaves that are undamaged and with no bird droppings! Always rinse and shake dry before preparing.

Orkney Bere Bannocks

Beremeal flour is available from Barony Mill by mail order or check out the link for stockists

Thrifty Tomato Soup

Here’s an opportunity to clear out that larder and experiment. The perfect time to use up that morsel left in a bottle or jar: sweet flavours become tart fillings, savouries for pizza toppings, with chutneys, vinegars and chillies ideal for spicy soups. This thrifty tomato soup is highly adaptable to what you have at hand.

Brodies Tealoaf

Perfect on its own, as part of a nutritious packed lunch or with a wedge of creamy blue cheese. Like most baking it freezes well so I double this recipe, make slabs in large Swiss roll tins and cut in fingers. You can bake in a loaf tin if you prefer but cook for longer.

Tomme Raclette

Having experienced Swiss raclette in situ it is a favourite breakfast in our home…where a lot of artisan cheese is consumed! If you don’t have a little raclette kit like ours then grill your cheese.
After considerable, wonderful, edible research I can say we have established Ethical Dairy Tomme & Kedar Tomme both melt beautifully for this. See links below
Serve with your favourite bread – see Bakers section of Scottish Food Guide for recommendations.

Pickled Cucumber

To make pickled cucumber is easy. Fill a small bowl two thirds full of apple vinegar and whisk in 2 dessertspoons of sugar. Wash and dry half a cucumber. Slice finely and lay in bowl. Fill up bowl with cucumber and press gently down to ensure all cucumber covered. Leave overnight and enjoy the following day. Will keep for a week if chilled.